Sunset yoga paddle surf in Ibiza

Sunset SUP Yoga


Letting yourself be filled with sunlight when ultraviolet rays are low has amazing results for our health. It fills us with energy.

Sunset means reflection, peace and change. Contemplating a sunset has the power to change our mood, to fall in love, to make us see the beautiful side of life.

We will do aprox 20 minute guided tour through the breathtaking cliffs of Ibiza’s coastline, -to have time to get familiar with the table and reach the perfect spot away from the waves- a sungazing opening, a pranayama (breathing) practise to introduce the session, that will consist of a 45 to 60’ Vinyasa flow of asanas (dynamic sequence of postures) specially design to practise on top of the SUP. Afterwards, a guided Savasana floating relaxation.

In this session after Savasana (the floating relaxation), right before the sunset, a sungazing closing ritual. We will be welcomed back in land with a yummi alcohol free cocktail and a snack.

If the group is new with both yoga and Sup, there will be a Surya Namaskar (Sun salutation warm up) + a flow introduction to the postures in the Beach, before stepping in the SUP.

falling from the paddle surf board in Ibiza

All levels welcome. Even if you have never done yoga or paddle surf before.

As yoga teachers we are constantly finding new ways to guide first-timers, and keep more advanced practitioners engaged. We always offer variations of the postures, and each one adapts to them according to their experience.

Join us for a unforgettable experience
in Ibiza crystal clear water.

Places are very limited. Do not miss this opportunity. The duration of the session is 1,5h aprox. Bring sunscreen for the morning session.

All equipment provided
Paddle surf
SUP Yoga & Meditation

Per Person

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Ibiza paddle surf

There's so much to love


The salt water allows us to relax the muscles. Surely remember when after a tiring day, you came home and putting your feet in salted water gave you great relief. Well, it's a similar effect, the sea water practicing paddle surf yoga in Ibiza will help you to relax each one of your muscles.


The holidays always renew energy, the combination of sea paddle surfing yoga in Ibiza, sun and rest, will help your body to produce vitamin D, essential for a beautiful skin look.


Falling off the board is almost the most wonderful thing of it all. The contrast of sun heat and fresh ocean water, plus the stamina of loosing control, will produce a mega boost in our nervous system and circulation.


Two of the four elements are totally vital for life and we interact with them daily. They are water and air. Without them we could not live, that's how magical and important they are. At SURF YogaIbiza we honor all the elements but the water to a greater extent. >> Read more