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SUP Yoga in Ibiza


*In Sanskrit Shala means the practice space. Practice yoga in a paradise island like Ibiza. meditation, connection and calmness, enjoy receiving, do what you like and need for this summer. Even if you have not practiced yoga before, this experience is recommended for anyone. It could be your first approach to yoga as your first approach to surfing. Listen to the sounds of sea water while relaxing your body on the board.

Just relax

The salt water allows us to relax the muscles. Surely remember when after a tiring day, you came home and putting your feet in salted water gave you great relief. Well, it's a similar effect, the sea water practicing paddle surf yoga in Ibiza will help you to relax each one of your muscles.


The holidays always renew energy, the combination of sea paddle surfing yoga in Ibiza, sun and rest, will help your body to produce vitamin D, essential for a beautiful skin look.

Improve the circulation!

Falling off the table when practising with us in Ibiza is almost the most wonderful thing of it all. In our opinion, paddle yoga gives much more freedom in experimenting with high demanding balancing postures, if you end up smashing the water. Boom! The contrast of sun heat and fresh ocean water, plus the stamina of loosing control, will produce a mega boost in our nervous system and circulation.

After this, come back up the board, allow your breath to calm down, and observe your mind. In SurfYogaIbiza we believe it’s much easier to control the mind when experiencing ups and downs!

Connect with your water element!

In our next article you will find how to connect with your water element through the practice of yoga in paddle surfing: Are you connected to your water element?

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