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Dhanurasana backbend asana on the paddle board in Ibiza


Two of the four elements are totally vital for life and we interact with them daily. They are water and air. Without them we could not live, that's how magical and important they are. At SURF YogaIbiza we honor all the elements but the water to a greater extent, since what we do paddle surf yoga and we will for sure get wet.

In paddle surf yoga classes we work energetically with this dynamic and emotional element. Planet Earth is formed mostly by this element, our body is 90% water. It is the essential liquid for the development of life, the element that makes our planet special and of which we are trained. This is why this element is the one we are most linked to, even if we do not realize. Sometimes we do not notice how important water is, just as we do not notice everyday things like dreams, feelings or intuition, all of them linked to this element that contributes so much to us.

Emotional element

The water is subtle, delicate and soft when it runs through a stream or falls in the form of a drizzle; but it is also a deadly element when it is out of control. There’s a reason why it is said that water is directly related to emotions; they are capable of expressing the best of the human being or the worst if we are not able to control them, so it is recommended to work with the water element if we are passing delicate moments on the emotional plane.

Awakening intuition

Water is the element of the unconscious of the deepest ones of the Other Side, therefore working with it will help us to awaken to this other reality, to the subtle worlds and to be more receptive. Since ancient times it has been said that water is a portal for wells, lakes, rafts ... They are all mirrors that give us back our reflection, but they are also doors on the other side...or other sides.

Empower passive and constant energy

This element can also be a good ally if we lack discipline when tackling tasks, if it’s difficult to start new activities or if we leave them halfway done. If something has water it is unstoppable, sooner or later it will achieve its objectives. Working with the water element will give us that subtle, but constant, passive but lasting energy.

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